Here You Go - Hopefully A Fun Read

The following two scenes are from Chapter 7 in a book I am writing titled Down the Rabbit Hole. This book is something I have been writing just for fun when I need a break from the more serious stuff. I have no intention of publishing it, so dont be too critical.
The background for the scenes is as follows: Over Christmas break, Dr. Alan Jansen is leading an expedition to map a recently discovered cave in Peru. The team includes experienced cavers and a group of students. The group of experienced cavers includes Dr. Scarlet Nielander, a consulting archeologist and Alans off-again, on-again lover. Deep inside the cave, Alan, Scarlet, and two students, Nicolet Clarke and Sean Montgomery, who have a budding relationship, pass through a shimmering walla portaland end up somewhere else. They emerge from a completely different cave into a forest, nothing like the environment of Peru where they were. Their departure occurred while they were doing a little exploring before settling down for the night. Alan and Scarlet were interrupted by Nicolet and Sean. Thus, when they were transported to the new place, they had little more than the clothes on their backs. They found a trail in the strange forest and are following it, hoping to find people and help.

Enjoy. I think this is a fun spin on getting naked.

It was the first time the way was not clear. The path looked like it ended at a barrier of some new kind of plant that formed a dense hedge. On closer inspection, there were gaps where the path should be. And through an opening in the hedge, they saw a meadow. The brush was stiff, with sharp, grabby twigs covered in small leaves and small, nondescript flowers. They pushed through a gap into the unimpeded sunshine. It was the first time they had a clear view of the sky, and the light and warmth were welcome.
For Alan and Scarlet, cavers through and through, the forest had not been that different from an environment they were used to. Nicolet, however, was used to wide open spaces of the Great Plains, and the meadow was wonderful. The feeling of being submerged was gone, and her mood lightened. Breathing in, she pulled in energy and looked around at the sky and the life around her. The meadow, however, was as strange as the forest.
The sun was wrong, too big, maybe, not quite the right color, perhaps, it was a little too red, she wasnt sure. Like so many places they had seen, the meadow was full of flowers, unlike any she knew. Nor did any of the others recognize them when she asked. In general, they were knee-high or taller, and the colors were more pastel than those at home, light blues, pinks, whites, and light purple. The most recognizable plant looked like plain old grass. There were low grasses and tall grasses that generally grew in clumps. The meadow was also full of strange birds, many that flew like hummingbirds but were larger, and insects of all sizes. None of the insects bothered them; they were all too busy with the flowers. It was a strange sight, not right, but very beautiful.
Scarlet was the first to have it happen. A branch had caught her pants leg as they pushed into the meadow. Alan watched as she examined what appeared to be a large insect. She had just commented to Alan that she swore it had a body like a human, with wings, then she touched the place on her leg where she had caught on a branch. Something felt odd, not really odd, just different enough that she felt the need to touch it. She felt a large opening in her pant leg, and what should have just snagged her pants had torn open a large gap. As she felt the fabric between her fingers, and it crumbled.
Hey, guys, she said with unfitting calmness. Something is wrong here.
They turned and looked at her, and she showed them the hole in her pants near the knee. She touched it again, and the pant leg fell off and crumbled as it hit the ground. It turned to patches of fabric and dust.
What on earth did you brush against? asked Alan.
I just got a little snagged on a branch, but it is not just me. Look at your shirt, Alan.
Big gaps opened in the fabric of his shirt.
Nicolet, its happening to you too, said Scarlet.
Nicolet looked down at her clothes and watched as her t-shirt crumbled and fell from her body. She felt warm air on her thighs as her pants fell apart around her waist and dropped to the ground. They disintegrated in her hands when she bent down to pull them back up. When she stood back up in shock, the weight of her breast caused her bra cups to fall away, exposing her nipples to the air. The elastic in her panties and bra were slower to fail. She tried frantically to hold the remains of her undergarments in place, but they crumbled to dust, and there was nothing left to cover her. There was a pile of multi-colored powder at her feet with a few shreds of cloth still weakly holding together. She stepped away from the pile in surprise, only to feel her feet come clean out of her expensive Gore-tex boots she purchased expressly for caving. She looked down and was naked from her toes to her head. Even her hairband had failed, and her hair now hung loose on her shoulders. She was horrified. Every inch of her light bronze skin was utterly exposed. Not only was she naked, there was nothing left to wear but handfuls of powder. There were no replacements.
She covered her breast the best she could with one hand and arm and covered her crotch with the other hand. When she looked up, it was even worse. Doctors Janssen and Nielander were both nude, looking stunned but making no effort to cover themselves. Sean darted for a tall clump of grass. She was too horrified to move. In truth, it was of some relief that it hadnt just happened to her. That would be too much like an all-too-common nightmare. Still, she had to look off into the meadow, which was vacant of naked bodies.
Scarlet was the first to speak, Well, that doesnt happen every day. I once had a dream like that when I was an undergraduate assistant.
Nicolet could have giggled at that if she wasnt mortified. She wasnt the only one with that dream, but this wasnt a dream. At least, she didnt think so.
Yep, was Alans reply. After a couple of seconds, he said, Something in the air, maybe? Does everyone feel okay?
Great, actually, answered Scarlet, Im not a huge fan of clothes anyway. Had it been some meadow at home, she would have been thrilled. She rather enjoyed the light breeze and the suns warmth on her naked skin.
Nicolet? asked Alan.
Terrible. This is just fucking terrible!
Do you feel sick?
Yes! I think I am going to throw up.
How about before our clothes fell off?
Fine! I felt fine fucking fine.
Good, I guess. Just mightily embarrassed.
Well, everyone, said Scarlet, For the moment, this appears to be our new normal. We need to deal with it and move on. Physically, we seem okay. Its just our clothesthat, well, dont exist anymore. Even the band on my headlamp has disintegrated. Our shoes have fallen apart, but at least the ground is soft. We need to get used to seeing each other nude. Sean, you cant stand behind that grass forever, and Nicolet, youll need your hands for other things at some point.
Sean came out from behind the tall grass. When he did that, Nicolet got the nerve up to drop her hands and stand up straight. She was immensely embarrassed, but Scarlet and Alan appeared not to be, which helped. Dr. Janssen crouched down and started picking through the remains of his clothing.
Alan, can you stand up for a moment? Scarlet asked. She continued, Alrighty then. It looks like were all going to be naked together for a while. Alan and I have seen each other naked often, not often enough lately, and I believe you two have been bopping in bed, although probably with the lights off. We must get this over with and just look and get used to our nudity. It is another challenge we must overcome, like a tight cave passage.
They were standing roughly in a circle, and Scarlet took several steps forward. This is me. Have a good look. She unabashedly rotated so that everyone got a good look.
Nicolet noticed that Scarlet was not perfect, kind of pear-shaped with thigh and calf muscles that were a bit large. She had nice breasts, but they were slightly out of proportion with her lower half. Clearly, none of this bothered Scarlet. She appeared perfectly comfortable. Okay. Maybe Scarlet is right, thought Nicolet. It was just another challenge to overcome. Being embarrassed wasnt the end of the world. She could do it and was becoming ever so slightly more comfortable in front of the others, but damn, this felt off standing naked in a meadow. Then she noted Scarlets all-over tan. Nicolet guessed that this was not Scarlets first time naked outdoors in front of others. What did that matter? She wasnt sure. Scarlet stepped back.
Alan, your turn, said Scarlet.
He followed her lead. Nicolet liked this and didnt look away at first. Dr. Janssen was quite toned with nice muscles. He actually had six-pack abs. His tan was not as complete as Scarlets but still belied that he also spent time outside nude. So, this was not a huge deal to him either. Nice cock. She flushed at that thought, but it was a pleasant sight. She liked it but had to look away once she focused too much on his crotch.
Might as well get your fill now, Nicolet, so youll be less distracted by the male parts later, said Scarlet, apparently reading her mind. Its just the male body, and his is rather nice if you ask me.
This further embarrassed her, but she wanted to look and did. Dr. Janssen was halfway through his rotation, and the one thing he didnt have was a very attractive butt. It was too flat, at least in her estimation. It seemed that no one was perfect, and she did not look away this time as he completed his spin to face her again.
Hopefully, you can get used to looking at an old naked guy, Nicolet, said Alan. I mean, hopefully, it is not that bad.
Noits not bad at all. I mean, it doesnt bother me to look at you. I mean...
It is okay; I know what you mean.
Next, it was Seans turn. Nicolet was slightly irritated at Scarlets comment about the lights, but she was right. This was the first time she had seen Seans body so explicitly. He stepped forward and turned around more quickly than the professors had, then stepped back. Not bad, really. Not Alans body, but he was fit, not as defined, but fit. She knew that cock, had even had it in her mouth before they leftif he had only returned the favor. How she wanted that. Sean was pale compared to the professors and her natural brown tint. Oh, God! Now it was her turn.
Nicolet? asked Scarlet.
She stepped forward and stood there, still for a moment, getting used to the eyes on her. She said, This is so embarrassing.
Why is that? asked Scarlet.
I have just not been naked in front of others, I mean besides my parents, doctors, and Sean, in the dark. She did not mention a couple of other college boys.
That is a shame. Youre lovely, said Dr. Janssen. She swelled up inside with that compliment and began her slow revolution; she did two. Now enjoying the feel of the air on her body, on her nipples, and between her legs.
For his part, Alan was sincere. She was a fine-looking young woman. Taller and fuller-breasted than Scarlet. And trim and shapely, but not with the muscle definition of his lover. Nicolets skin was smooth, and her bush was reddish, more so than the hair on her head. She seemed to be so prim and relatively innocent. She was turning him on, but he quickly fought those feelings down, judging them as inappropriate.
Okay, guys, said Alan. Now that is over, we need to dig through the piles that were our clothes and see if there is anything worthwhile remaining.
Scarlets tactic worked. Nicolet was no longer paralyzed and started rummaging through the remains, recognizing the colored dust that once was her panties and bra on top of the pile. She found buttons, the stuff she knew she had in her pockets, and eyelets from her boots. There was nothing that she had forgotten. One hopeful thing was that the leather layer of her boot soles had survived, and she might be able to make a pair of sandals. She would need something for straps. Not so hopeful was her headlamp. They had left their helmets just inside the cave but had taken their lights along in case they were out in the dark. The non-cloth pieces were all there, but the light did not work.
They all reported results like Nicolet. Alan had more of his boots left, being more of a traditionalist using mainly leather footwear. They were currently unusable but might be repairable. At least Scarlets and Seans headlamps still worked. Alans and Nicolets had been of the same make.
Well, guys, said Alan, It seems that we are in a beyond extreme episode of Naked and Afraid, no food, no clothes, no tools, and in a strange land, maybe a strange world. This doesnt feel like earth. You agree, Scarlet?
What? I do, I guessas hard as it is to believe, said Scarlet. It is pure sci-fi, but I think we went through some kind of portal. It doesnt make any scientific sense, but what other explanation do we have? A dream? I could be dreaming this. I do have great fantasies about walking around naked in the woods. But this is one hell of a dream.
I dont think we are dreaming, said Alan. Its not some drug-induced lab experiment? We were definitely in a cave in Peruon winter break.
We should go back to the cave again and find the portal back while we still have two working lights, said Nicolet.
Seems like a stretch; we searched every inch of that cave, said Sean.
Maybe it opens intermittently, said Nicolet.
It may be our best option, said Scarlet. Should we try again?
Yeah, okay, said Alan. The point about the lights is valid, but I hate giving up the ground we have covered. We need food, but we can survive a while longer without it. Fortunately, the water from the streams has not made us sick. That was a big risk. We might have to risk some of the fruit.
They turned to go back into the forest, but the way was blocked by two beautifulnakedgirls.

On second sight, Alan was unsure if they were young girls as he first thought. Instead, they appeared to be fully formed, shapely women, as naked as he was but only about three feet tall. Their hair was unkempt and long, with flowers and what looked like twigs woven in. Most unusually, their skin seemed to have a slight greenish shimmer. Other than slightly different hair colors and very subtle differences in facial features, they were nearly identical. They were strangely sensual and beautiful. Yes, definitely sensual, very, now that he was sure they were not young girls.
Alan stammered, Who what are you?
In a perky voice, one said, This is Akiria, and I am Phialyra. I was the one that first saw you. We are Nymphs of the Forest.
Nymphs of the Forest?
Do you know what happened to our clothes? he asked, skipping over the fact that he was speaking to two beings that claimed to be nymphs. Being naked in front of these strange little women was at the forefront of his thoughts, regardless of what they claimed to be.
You mean those unnatural things you had covering your skin?
Yes, he said.
Yes, what? he asked.
Yes, we know what happened to your coverings.
We cast a spell. We can do a few of those.
So that all the unnatural things on your skin reverted. We also cast a spell so that you can speak with us. You can now also speak with all the other beings in this place and a few of the plants.
Hold on. I happen to know my shirt was all-natural cotton, Sean interjected.
Cotton. What is cotton? asked Akiria.
It is a plant fiber, said Alan.
Not of this place, stated Phialyra, Not natural for here.
This place?
Yes, it appears that you are from another place. You came from below the ground, from the fissure in the earth, did you not? Akiria asked.
We stepped through some kind of shimmering translucent cave wall in our world and came to a cave here, answered Alan. Scarlet was listening to this conversation, not quite believing it but was fascinated by what appeared to be some other kind of human species.
Excuse me, Scarlet said, Are they many others like you?
You mean nymphs? asked Akiria, who took a step forward, seeming like she meant to take over the conversation.
Yes, said Scarlet.
Are there many of your kind? asked Alan.
We Forest Nymphs are a few, as are the Water Nymphs. The Land Nymphs are the most common, but therere not many around here. They like mountains and hills mostly. There are other nymphs too, but they are rarer.
Please tell me more, said Scarlet. Alan was not going to let this go on too long. He had more important questions.
We are born from our element, forest nymphs from the forest, water nymphs from the water, and so on. Most nymphs are good-hearted, but there are demonic nymphs from the underworld. You must not deal with them. Theyll trick you.
Youre the main intelligent species in this world? asked Scarlet, beginning to accept that perhaps, they were someplace other than earth.
I do not know what you mean by intelligent species, but I think I know what you ask. There are many different beings in our world that will.. hmm.. interact and speak with you. The ones we have come to warn you about are the elves. If its all right for us to help you. We dont want to offend you.
Yes, please, we very much want and need your help, said Alan.
Lets start with that; you said you are nymphs, and there are elves; these are names we know in our world. What are some of the other beings? asked Scarlet.
There are also gnomes, orcs, dwarfs, and various fairies, to name a few. Oh, and of course, other humans like you. Not exactly like you, but also humans. Maybe they also came from below the ground long ago. Do you not have so many in your world?
Once long ago, we had more. We called them Neanderthals, Denisovans, and a few others, and they all lived at the same time as our ancestors, said Scarlet. This was her specialty, and she thought there might be a parallel. Just on this planet, the competing species survived. Could these women be like the dwarf hominids they found evidence of in Indonesia? The beings Akiria listed are fictional, or so they thought. Could they have once existed on earth?
They no longer live with you? asked Akiria.
No. You said, other humans. Do they live around here? asked Alan.
No, they live far from here, away from the elves. I heard that once some came from the same place as youthe crack in the rock. They lived near here, but now they stay away. It is too dangerous for them. Many other beings here have also moved away from the elves. Like you need to.
What? Why? asked Alan.
The elves make humans into slaves if they do not kill them. They think your kind is a threat. You four, however, would be a special prize. They will want to know how you got here.
We dont know how we got here, said Alan.
It doesnt matter. They wouldnt stop asking if they caught you, which would be quite unpleasant. You and the other male especially. They have ways of asking that make you want to tell them even if you do not.
Why me and the other male especially? His name is Sean, by the way. I am Alan, and these two are Scarlet and Nicolet.
Interesting, the one you call Scarlet does not have the red hair. But the one you call Nicolet does, especially between her legs. You sure the names are right? asked Phialyra.
Yes, said Alan. Back to why it would be unpleasant for Sean and me.
The female elves rule; males are secondary, not very important. Male elves are almost all servants. The females will try and make you, human males, tell them what they want to know. Only if they fail will they make the women tell them. If the male elves are brave, they might help you, but it is unlikely. Most unlikely.
Hold on, you mean they will torture Alan and me first? asked Sean.
I am not sure what torture is, but if you mean, would they do bad things to you. Yes.
Shit, said Sean.
We think the female elves will enjoy questioning you two. You have attributes that male elves do not.
Will you help us to avoid them? asked Scarlet.
Alan wanted to ask about their attributes, the ones which male elves didnt have, but deferred to Scarlets more important question.
You must leave our forest. We have done what we can. We have rid you of your coverings, given you the ability to understand the beings here, given you a basic knowing, and warned you of the elves.
How does destroying our clothes help us? asked Nicolet, still fixated on that part of their predicament, especially after the comment about her red bush.
Yes, that seems to disadvantage us, added Scarlet.
No one here has such coverings except some trolls and the human and elven slaves from the underground mines.
Oh, dont forget the goblins, Akiria, said Phialyra with obvious distaste. They are such nasty things.
Phialyra! They are just different from us, but yes, for some reason, some bands of goblins insist on wearing hideous coverings. They think it makes them look more fearsome. Anyway, any coverings make you identifiable as outsiders or worse. Every being here will notice you. The elves will hear of you and will find you quickly. Without the coverings, most beings here will see you but will not think you are that unusual. They will think that humans being here is a bit strange, as most have been run off, but that it is not worth mentioning to the elves. If they only see you from a distance, they might even think you are just elves. Closer up, they will know you are humans because of the males.
We need clothes to stay warm and protect our feet from the ground, said Alan, We also need food and water. He wanted to ask about the because of the males part but filed that away for later.
Ahh. Your world is not magical. This is a magical world. Magic in most humans is weak, and we were just told that it is always weak in those that come here like you. In one way, this will help you. Because your magic is weak, others will ignore you. But even with weak magic, the lands magic will still help you. You will not get cold, your feet will not hurt, and food is everywhere. You must be like the other humans here. There is nothing that grows in this land that will hurt you. You might not like the flavor of everything, but there is more than enough to feed you.
Magic is weak in most humans? asked Nicolet.
Most all, but in some, it is very powerful. It is not spread evenly like in most other beings: its very strong in a few but very weak in most others.
Is there anything we need to watch out for? Other than the elves? Nicolet continued.
Be careful in the open, be in a group, not alone.
Why not?
We are told that creatures in the sky will grab someone walking alone in the open. We never leave the forest, and doing so would cause illness because we are of the forest. We need to leave this opening soon. Therefore, we have not seen these things in the sky. There may be other things of danger that we are not familiar with, but through time, we have heard much of the world outside of the forest.
What of the fairies, said Phialyra.
Yeah, what about the fairies, said Scarlet, now realizing that they knew almost nothing of this world.
You will leave the forest staying on this path, said Akiria. This is the beginning of the desolation where many places like this one are without trees. What trees there are, are short and fat. Therere many more fairies living there than here. They like the open better. Most fairies will be helpful if they wish to meet you, but some fairies are mischievous and like to play pranks. They especially like teasing humans, or so we have heard. Please dont hurt them, or they may not help you when you need it. Their pranks, usually silly spells, are harmless, but you might find them annoying. Know that fairies are small, their spells dont last long, and they have to touch you with a small bite or kiss to infect you with the spell.
Oh, okay, said Alan dismissing the fairies as not dangerous. How soon before we leave your forest?
Soon. This is the beginning of the desolation, but there is still a bit more forest.
Can we not get back to our world through the cave, I mean, the crack? asked Alan, wanting to also know more about the things in the sky and the fairies but feeling getting home was more important.
It has never happened that way, according to Thiosa. She is a very old elder. You must go toward the rising sun and avoid the elves. There you will find other exiles of the Elven Kingdom, including other humans. Maybe they know how to help you. We must go now; this open place is making us ill.
Please, I have one more question about the clothes, I mean coverings, said Sean. Doesnt the lack of coverings cause people to want to have sex all the time?
What is sex? asked Akiria.
He means like when two people desire each other and get really, physically close, said Scarlet. Its a dumb question, but thats what he means.
Oh, we call that coupling. Its a natural thing, and of course, beings couple here all the time. Coverings have nothing to do with it. It can be challenging for different types of beings to couple; sometimes, it needs magic, but Phialyra and I can couple with you if you want. It would be fun, but the coupling needs to be in the forest. We cant be here any longer. Akiria said this looking directly at Sean, as he was the one that asked the question.
No. No, thats not why I asked the question, he stammered, turning red. It felt like he had just been told that his little sisters wanted to have sex with him.
Everyone else, including Nicolet, wondered how sex with the two nymphs would be accomplished.
Okay. We need to return to the forest.
They turned and walked through the brush and into the forest, and Alan went after them. They would need more help, but the nymphs vanished impossibly fast. They disappeared almost before his eyes. He turned and said, Theyre gone.
What was all that nonsense about magic? asked Sean, pointedly trying to erase any memory of his sex question.
Im not sure, but there are sure things here that are difficult to explain, said Alan.
Lets focus. Is everyone doing okay? asked Scarlet, Nicolet?
Yeah. I feel much better now, and Im starting to like being naked. It feels kinda good, and if everyone else here is naked, well, when in Rome.
Good, but Im not liking the naked thing.
Alan? Let me guess; you are loving this.
Yep. Some crazy adventure. Lets just not let the elves catch us, find some other humans, and figure out how to get home. I cant believe I just said that, but its the cards we have to play with. Maybe later, Ill find out I was in an accident in Peru and have been in a coma for five years, and this was some crazy dream, but Im going with it for now. What else can I do?
Hmm, said Scarlet. I dont know if it is a dream or real, but I agree. We need to play it out, and we cant just sit down and hope were not really here. I, for one, can pinch myself until Im black and blue, and Im not waking up.
But how do you feel physically? asked Alan.
Really good. I prefer being naked anyway, and I like crazy adventures, so this must be my dream if it is a dream. Sorry guys.
Okay. It sounds like we should go find the other humans in this crazy place while avoiding the evil, evil elves. And, oh yeah, trust the magic. Does anyone see it any different? asked Alan.
Did you just hear yourself? asked Nicolet.
YeahI know.
We have given up on the cave? asked Sean.
Like you pointed out before, we went over it and found nothing. Im thinking that the door is closed, or we might die waiting for it to open again, said Alan.
I agree. I was just confirming, said Sean. We should go see if we can find help.
Any objections, asked Alan. There was none.
An unnerving thought just occurred to me. If there are nymphs, elves, fairies, and other intelligent beings here, whatever this here is, what are the other fauna like? What other dangerous animals are there, like those flying things? asked Sean. Are the flying things dragons?
And what about the flora? asked Nicolet. They said there would be some plants we could talk to. Wouldnt that be interesting?
I think they would have warned us if there were other dangerous animals. Instead, they said the elves were the main danger we had to worry about, said Scarlet. They also said nothing would hurt us so long as we were in a group.
Im now very curious about what animals and plants well see now that you mentioned it. Lets go find some, said Alan.
Lets do it, said Nicolet. Now that the shock of everything was wearing off, Nicolet found herself thrilled but, at the same time, scared. There were so many possibilities, good and bad, but she was only dreadfully concerned about one noweventually getting home. Being naked had fallen down the list of immediate concerns. If this place was even real, it seemed like an Alice in Wonderland adventure. She loved that story. Could it be that there would be sex in her version? She hoped so. It would have to be exciting in a magical land. Right? Finally, an orgasm other than one of her own doing.
Well, were not in Kansas anymore, Toto, she said. Sorry, I couldnt resist. Im from Kansas, and the Wizard of Oz is the second story this place reminds me of.
The first being Alice in Wonderlandright? said Alan.

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RE:Here You Go - Hopefully A Fun Read

I havent finished yet, but its awesome. I love the idea.

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RE:Here You Go - Hopefully A Fun Read

Wonderful read so far. Looking forward to the next installment!

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RE:Here You Go - Hopefully A Fun Read

Great read. Nice excerpt. I would love to read more. Thank you for sharing.

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Wonderful story ,! Please post the next chapter..

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RE:Here You Go - Hopefully A Fun Read

Very enjoyable and also well written.

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RE:Here You Go - Hopefully A Fun Read

Alas, there is quite a few more chapters to this story, but they get a bit too X-rated for posting here. It is also unfinished. It would be interesting to get people's thoughts on how to finish it.

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