True nudist that loves this lifestyle that's hate clothes,prefer to be naked 24/7 and don't enjoy getting dressed to go out in public,to work.Wishing the world would change and let people enjoy clothes free lifestyle.

It's not the clothing

I don't hate clothing, per se. What I hate is having to cover my body because someone thinks it's obscene, disgusting, inappropriate, indecent, lewd, offensive, etc. What if a child saw you? Clothing has its uses and purposes -- protection...


Noticed that our membership appears to be all male. While I know this site has mostly male members, I would think that there must be some women who hate clothes.


Other than a few situations, clothes are pointless in my opinion. Working in the woods where there are thorns and poison ivy. Other than that, for me, I think they serve no purpose. A towel to sit on and you should be good. And if you're...

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by Feuermanaz 
Why so many

So, why do we keep so many clothes? I've reduced mine to a minimum.

I can't honestly say I hate clothes at...

I can't honestly say I hate clothes at all times, but when I'm home I go nude all the time, and hate to wear clothes at home. I even go nude many times if I have a friend over who isn't a nudist. I see no point in wearing clothes at home...

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Hate clothes

I really do hate clothes . I always have and they just feel uncomfortable to wear so wear as little as possible . Winter is tracksuits and summer shorts and carry a t shirt for going in shops etc . I dont own or wear underwear prefer being nude .

Middle Tennessee Nudist Hates Clothes

The only need go textile is not to get arrested otherwise I am naked. I enjoy being naked in front of anyone anytime anywhere. If every man, boy, girl and woman went naked 24/7 this would be a better world!!!

Proud Nudist Friends

Hey! If you just love to be fully naked all the time and has a true passion for nudism, let's connect more! Hmu on telegram: duart_dl or skype: lukeapollo2019@outlook.com (just say your TN username)

No clothes in the house

Some time ago, someone on another board posted that when he and his partner retired, they needed so little clothing that it would fit on a few shelves in the laundry room. They gave away most of their clothing and their dressers, and took out the...

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I hate clothes

I have a dream of just not get dressed ever again and live,shop,drive,work naked 24/7